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Free Coursera Online Course “Introduction to Improvisation” by Gary Burton

Recently, I’ve found the great online education platform that partners with top universities and organizations in the world to offer courses online for anyone to take, for free. Browsing the Music category of their course offers, two online courses by the well-reputed Berklee College of Music jumped off the page, and I immediately enrolled in the 5-week Introduction to Improvisation course hosted by the great vibes player Gary Burton. According to his website 39,000 other people had the same idea. Read more

First post // Rendition of Jobim’s “Triste”

My name is Johannes Pohl. Originally, I’m a classically trained piano player, but since 2010 I’ve been studying jazz as part of an evening training program at the Neue Jazzschool München e.V., majoring in jazz piano and minoring in electric bass.

I haven’t set up this blog to showcase my playing. Primarily, I’d like to use it to track my progress and keep me on my toes, to get in touch and talk shop with other (aspiring) jazz pianists around the world and to share useful practice tips or web resources.

Some weeks ago, Peter Martin – known for his free 2 Minute Jazz Piano clips – launched a website offering online Jazz Piano Lessons. Of course, I jumped at the chance of learning from this great musician.

As part of an ongoing challenge in the forums to select and learn a new tune every month, practice it thoroughly and then post a recording for the other members to comment on, I’ve posted the (first) rendition below of this month’s pick, “Triste” by Antônio Carlos Jobim.

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